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Smartcheck MPI Fluoro

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SMARTCHECK MPI FLUORO is an oil based ready to use fluorescent magnetic ink for use in the Magnetic Particle Inspection process. It consists of a dispersion of fine particles of fluorescent iron oxide in a highly refined non-volatile hydrocarbon.SMARTCHECK MPI FLUORO uses high quality spherical particles of uniform size for improved mobility in response to magnetic fields. With its superior fluorescent coating, SMARTCHECK MPI FLUORO is designed to fluoresce bright green/yellow when exposed to UV light. The carrier is virtually odourless and has a high flash point. SMARTCHECK MPI FLUORO is used to detect fine surface and near surface discontinuities in ferrous materials such as low alloy steels. Also available in water-based concentrates & dry powder form.

Conforms to AMS 3046 (Aerosol), AMS 3045 (Bulk), ASTM E 1444, 
ASTM E 3024, AS 1171 & ISO 9934-2

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